Laser Eyelid Surgery

Isn't it time to turn back the clock?

Chances are that you wouldn’t trade your life experiences for the world – they’ve made you who you are today. But if who you are is not what’s reflected on your face, Dr. Scheiner can help. His techniques can help restore your appearance and let it reflect the vibrant, healthy way you feel inside.

Adults today are living their best lives ever. We’re healthier and happier, more fulfilled and more energetic. Still, for as good as we feel and as much as we have to look forward to, one glance in the mirror reminds us of the years that have passed. Given the chance to restore your youthful appearance and transform it to reflect how good you feel, wouldn’t you do it? There’s a way, and Dr. Adam Scheiner can show you how to Restore, Reveal, and Reclaim the “you” that the years have hidden. 

Your face sends the message that people hear most clearly.

Wardrobe, hair, shoes, accessories. They all make a statement and play a part in telling the world who we are. But for all the attention we pay and money we spend on these items, none of them comes close to the impact that our faces have on what people think of us. Studies have shown that even our words don’t play as large a role in our communication as our facial expressions do, and the most important areas of our face are our eyes and our mouth.

Think about that for a minute, then think about what those parts of your face communicate. No matter how youthful and high energy your actions are, if your face says “I’m tired,” then that’s what people are going to hear and remember. 

What gives the impression of being tired?

The biggest problem is heaviness around the eyes. Whether it’s your upper lids or bags beneath your eyes, people immediately get the impression that we are older, tired, or even that we’re sick.

Loss of volume is another big problem, especially around your mouth. If “puppet” or “marionette” lines have formed between your nose and your jaw line, they make you look angry, disappointed, or sad — even when you’re feeling your very best. 

Years of sun damage can age skin, causing lines and wrinkles that make us look old and cause our skin to be unhealthy. It also makes us look tired. All these effects can be reversed, simply and effectively, with Dr. Scheiner's RESET for SUN Damage procedure.

Laser Eyelid Surgery and Treatment Options

Dr. Adam Scheiner is the world’s leading plastic surgeon for Eyelid Rejuvenation and the removal of Festoons (Malar Mounds). His exclusive, proprietary technique for treating this difficult-to-treat condition affecting the upper cheeks and under-eyes is the only surgical correction that consistently gives excellent, lasting results. Dr. Scheiner’s groundbreaking work has attracted clients from around the world and provided them with the age-defying results that they had hoped for.

Dr. Scheiner also offers upper and lower blepharoplasty, also known as a mini facelift, and minimal-incision brow lifts as well. Every patient is different and has different needs and concerns, so Dr. Scheiner takes a highly individual, personal approach to determining which procedure is most appropriate for your particular condition and goals. Read below to learn more about some of his remarkable procedures and techniques.

Festoons or Malar Mounds

Drooping eyelid skin. Bags under the eyes. Puffy skin on the cheekbone. All are symptoms of a condition known as Festoons, or Malar Mounds, and a misdiagnosis often results in the wrong solution. 

When a patient with festoons is treated with a lower eyelid blepharoplasty or facelift, their eyes can end up looking worse and the bags more noticeable then before. Festoons can be difficult to solve. In rare cases they can be large enough to block vision. 

Dr. Scheiner offers a revolutionary laser skin resurfacing that provides remarkable results. “Festoons have been a difficult medical problem for many patients and their physicians over the years,” says Dr. Scheiner. “Traditional surgeries have had less-than-optimal results on this condition. Taking advantage of the latest advances in laser application and wound healing, it’s now possible to dramatically improve this difficult eyelid condition by applying this technique.” 

Dr. Scheiner’s technique is now the gold standard for the treatment of Festoons. 

Upper and/or Lower Blepharoplasty or Laser Eyelid Surgery

We know you don’t want to look older than you are, and that’s exactly what sagging eyelids or puffy bags can do. They make you look tired and sad. To solve this problem, Dr. Scheiner offers a procedure called Blepharoplasty — it’s also referred to as a “mini-facelift,” and it has quickly become one of the most popular and satisfying cosmetic procedures for treating drooping upper and/or lower eyelid skin. 

Blepharoplasty or laser eyelid surgery can provide the following benefits: 

  •  Eliminates tired-looking eyes 
  •  Reduces lines and sags 
  •  Helps you look younger 
  •  Reduces puffy bags 
  •  Eliminates unwanted excess skin 
  •  Brightens your appearance 

Blepharoplasty conservatively removes the fat and excess skin that causes sagging or puffiness. It’s one of the most effective ways to “open” your eyes, and can be done as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with Minimal-Incision Brow Lift or Laser Skin Resurfacing, depending on your needs. 

Minimal-Incision Brow Lift

In many cases, looking exhausted is a result of heaviness above the upper lid caused by a drooping eyebrow falling into the eyelid space. The result is that while you may feel energetic, healthy, and wide awake, others can’t see that.

When the brows fall, fixing the eyelids alone won’t fully open your eyes back up, but a procedure directly addressing the eyebrow will. There are a number of ways to raise a drooping eyebrow, but one of the best methods that yields the most satisfying results is the Minimal-Incision Browlift.


What Our Patients Think

"Dr. Scheiner is worth the time and travel to Tampa, even if you have to travel across the country! I was impressed with the before and after photos of patients on his website: I liked seeing real people that became a youthful, more attractive version of themselves. Arranging a medical treatment in another state was a first for me, but Dr. Scheiner's practice manager, Toni, made the whole process effortless, and I liked that they have a destination program all set up. His practice interior is beautiful and staffed with caring professionals, and his fee was reasonable and comparable to other doctors in the area who didn't seem to have his expertise with lower eyelid bags. The best part? I have my 25-year-old eyes again. No one tells me I look tired after 12 hours of sleep anymore." 

— Susan

"I cannot thank Dr. Scheiner and his staff enough for giving me my life back. I had laser surgery for festoons back in October 2014. I no longer obsess about the way my face looks everyday because the festoons are gone! Dr. Scheiner did an awesome job! I feel great and I look great. Dr. Scheiner is a very caring doctor with THE most incredible staff. They are all caring people from the consultation to your last appointment! I would highly recommend Dr. Scheiner to anyone. Well worth the money!"

— Monique

"My journey began when I researched Dr. Adam Scheiner and festoons and I knew he was the doctor I needed to see to sort out my problem areas around my eyes that make me lack in confidence. Once I arrived in the U.S. and met Dr. Scheiner his staff in person I felt totally at ease and confident with the results he could give me and the procedure I was about to engage in. The results I have achieved are amazing! And his knowledge of this area he treats is immense. His clinic and staff are amazing, very friendly, approachable and confident in their job titles! They make you feel at ease. I’m so glad I made the decision to come to Tampa to Dr. Scheiner’s clinic and I feel I can return to the UK having finally found new confidence."

— Gill

What to Expect

Dr. Scheiner understands that every patient has different needs, conditions, and goals, so he offers a highly individualized approach. Each patient’s experience will be slightly different, but the information provided here should give you an idea of what to expect. 



Dr. Scheiner will meet with you to evaluate your condition and health. He will note your use of medications, medical history, and factors such as age, skin-type and ethnic background. He will pay special attention to your eyes, asking specific questions regarding your vision including tear production and use of contact lenses. Perhaps most important of all, he will work to understand your personal expectations. This initial conversation with all its elements is essential, as it provides him with the essential he needs to help him advise you on the treatment that he thinks best to accomplish your goals.

Once you and Dr. Scheiner have agreed on a treatment, he will walk you through the surgical technique and type of anesthesia he will use. He will take measurements of your facial features and take “before” pictures to help him plan your treatment. He will also show you “before” and “after” photos of patients who have had the procedure so that you have a good idea of the results that others have gotten. You’ll also be shown an informative video that discusses the procedure(s) and answers many commonly asked questions.

Though some of Dr. Scheiner’s procedures may be covered by insurance, many are not. We are happy to contact your insurance provider to find out about your coverage, and if you need affordable financing options we can help with that too.  

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